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    Would you like to find a loving partner and stop attracting toxic relationships?


    Are you feeling sad, lonely, frustrated or angry? Maybe you've been hurt in the past and you're too afraid to enter a new relationship or even begin dating again? Maybe you don't trust men or have a very specific type of man that you're looking for.


    Have you ever wondered "where are all the good men at??" or "this city has no single men!" or "why do I keep attracting douche bags?!" etc... Well... the good news is... the power to call in a loving partner is actually in YOUR HANDS.


    Everything is about frequency. So if you haven't manifested a loving partner yet, then I know exactly how to help you!


    Renee has created a world-first coaching program which marries together powerful energetic work with effective communication tools to give you the results that you need. Your work together will be LIFE CHANGING and you will not recognise yourself by the end of your year together!


    If you're not sure if Renee is the right guide for you...then take a look at this list...


    How many of these things can you relate to? Have you:

    • been taken advantage of by an ex or a boss
    • suffered criticism from parents, siblings, partner, ex-partner
    • had difficulty identifying and expressing your feelings
    • put other people's needs before your own
    • found it hard to say no
    • found it hard to set a boundary with someone or to even realise a boundary needs to be set
    • avoided conflict or dislike offending others
    • had low self-esteem, low confidence and find it difficult to believe in yourself
    • had a lack of trust in yourself and your decisions
    • given power over your feelings to others
    • assumed responsibility for other's feelings
    • focused your attention on solving others problems and relieving others pain
    • allowed your serenity to be affected by the another person's feelings and behaviour
    • been perfectionistic and placed too many expectations on yourselves and others
    • tended to judge everything you say or do, harshly, by someone else's standards
    • not realised or believed that being vulnerable is a means to greater intimacy
    • conditioned feeling good about yourself on receiving approval from others
    • diminished your social circle as you become involved with another person
    • put aside your own hobbies and interests and spent time sharing the hobbies and interests of another person
    • linked your dreams for the future and quality of life to another person
    • feared being alone, abandoned or rejected
    • used giving as a way of feeling safe in a relationship
    • remained very loyal, even when such loyalty is unjustified and harmful to you 

    Phew! That's a long list! If you're like Renee, then all of the above scenarios may have entered your life at one point or another.


    Many of us have grown up in a society where our feelings are suppressed, or as a women, the so called 'negative' feelings are pushed down. "Good girls don't get angry! Nice girls always smile and are polite!" Did you know that it is HEALTHY and actually imperative to learn how to identify and express our emotions in a healthy way?


    I wonder if you know how to do this? Renee certainly didn't!


    And when you hold on to emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, shame and resentment... they build up in our system, making us sick... leading to a life where we are suffering on some level. Whether that be in our physical health or in our emotional or mental health.


    They also block our ability to manifest a new loving partner.


    We are the creators of our own reality... and it's time for you to create a beautiful loving relationship with someone that truly loves, respects, cares for and adores you!


    It's Renee's absolute pleasure to help you do this and she is honoured to be able to share her wealth of tools with you.


    On this site you will find:

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