• Coaching Program

    Receive intuitively guided advice, heal your heart and learn compassionate communication tools

    Are you ready to change your life?


    I've developed a series of tools that I will share with you over the duration of our time together.


    This world-first coaching program marries together powerful energetic work with effective communication tools to give you the results that you need.


    Renee is with you for the entire year and can support you when and as you need it!


    Included in the program:


    • 12 x Online Modules containing videos, workbooks and guided meditations
    • 12 x Online 1-1 Coaching Sessions with Renee - 90 minute duration
    • 24 x Online Group Coaching calls with Renee and other members of the program community - 55 minute duration
    • Unlimited Access to Renee's private phone for support via Voxer app (like Whatsapp)
    • Free Ticket to a Live Event
    • Access to Private Online Facebook Group for ongoing community support

    The Program syllabus is designed to give you everything you need to overcome your fears, regain trust, connect to yourself and open up to receive the beautiful loving partner that you deserve!


    The modules will cover topics such as:


    1 - Getting Present

    2 - Judgement

    3 - Feelings

    4 - Needs

    5 - Expressing Ourselves Honestly

    6 - Empathy

    7- Mourning Our Unmet Needs From Childhood

    8 - Understanding the Gifts From Our Past

    9 - Setting Boundaries and Becoming More Assertive

    10 - Understanding Shame and Guilt

    11 - Conflict Resolution

    12 - Restoring Trust and Preparing for a Loving Partner


    During each 1-1 session, you will:

    • be heard - Renee will offer a kind, compassionate and empathetic ear, free of judgement, distractions and interruptions
    • receive clarity - Renee will offer intuitively guided advice that will help bring you from confusion to clarity
    • receive understanding - Renee will gently share with you how she can see certain patterns and belief systems holding you back, and how we can change them
    • grow - Renee will help you digest the program content and teach how it can be used in your specific situation, to create the change and growth that you are seeking in your life
    • have energetic shifts - behind all the work we do is a powerful base of working at a deep energetic level. This is more than just words or understanding things at a mental level

    Having guidance from someone who doesn't know you on a personal level is so important on our healing journey.


    Renee can listen to you, understand you and offer independent advice that is specific for your situation. Often we are too close to a problem to be able to see things clearly, and our friends and family love us but often offer one sided advice. "Just quit", "he's an idiot I don't know why you are putting up with him", etc... sound familiar??

      Everything in life is about frequency... energy... as a qualified Kinesiologist and intuitive since birth, Renee has received a powerful set of tools that can quickly and effectively shift stagnant energy in your energetic field. When we change things at an energetic level, this will flow through to your physical reality (better relationships, better job, better health etc!).
      Some of the ways we shift energy include:
      • Renee holds space and allow powerful energetic transmissions to flow to you via our connection
      • healing meditations, to heal past trauma and relationships
      • we perform heart and throat chakra opening activations so that you can speak more freely
      • discuss and practice energetic empowerment tools
      During each Online Group Coaching Call, you will:
      • receive support specific for where you are at on your journey and connect with other like minded souls 
      During the regular Voxer support, you will:
      • Be able to send a voice or written message whenever something is on your mind, to receive the guidance when you need it
      For the Live event:
      • Details coming soon! Like to be held early 2021 as a 2-3 day retreat in Perth, Australia
      Finally, the Group Private Online Facebook Group will:
      • allow you to have regular support, understanding from other members of the program community. 
        The Pathway to Loving Relationships program is set to commence soon on 1 July 2020!
      • The Power of Presence

        When you pause... stop... breathe and truly connect with yourself... true change can happen. And quickly! As opposed to running away, quitting our job, ending a relationship, moving cities, or self-medicating with booze, drugs or casual sex. Even healthy activities like working out, or focusing on our career or diet can be taken to the extreme.


        These are all ways we like to 'keep busy' and distract ourselves from the pain we are feeling.


        There is no better time like the present to begin your healing journey!

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