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    My Mission: To help women call in a loving partner and to stop attracting toxic relationships!


    My Vision: For women to feel the love that they deserve and for that love to flow on to the rest of the world.

    Renee Cusworth

    Intuitive Relationship Coach


    Hello! My name is Renee and I’ve been working as an Intuitive Relationship Coach for four years.


    As a child I was always sensitive and able to pick up on others emotions easily. This could be seen as a strength, however as I entered the corporate world as a young adult, I just got slammed by the controlling, toxic atmosphere which is common place in many industries.


    I didn't know how to express myself, how to stand up for myself or how to even work out what I was feeling!


    My personal relationships also struggled, where I was commonly attracting men who could be labelled as 'narcissistic'. My closest female friends often turned out to be manipulative, jealous and didn't have my best interests at heart.


    How did I get out of this mess??


    First I took a year off and went travelling around the world!


    And in Madrid I met someone who changed my life.... this man was someone who taught me the biggest of life lessons and kicked my butt into gear for some serious soul searching.


    Long story short - we maintained a long distance relationship, I visited him in Nicaragua and we got engaged. Then upon returning home I discovered that he was already married to someone else... AWESOME!!


    So then I really took a good hard look at myself and realised that the answer to overcoming my struggles was closer to me than I had thought.... because the problem was ME all along!


    I dived deep into self-healing... improving my:


    💗 self-awareness

    💗 self-esteem

    💗 self-worth

    💗 self-confidence


    And I learnt compassionate communication tools so that I could understand and express myself better. To realise that MY NEEDS matter and to have a way of expressing these needs without sounding clingy or desperate is just so empowering!


    And to know how to set boundaries and handle conflict, calmly and confidently, has been a life-saver.


    I'm now working for myself in a job that I love, I'm in a healthy relationship and I'm surrounded by people that love me for me.


    My passion is to share this wisdom with other women so that they too can call in a loving partner 💗


    PS - 'Follow The Sun' by Xavier Rudd is a beautiful song that inspires warmth within the heart... have a listen below! 😊

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    Xavier Rudd - Follow The Sun

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